Youth Mental Health

youth healthYoung Nats secured a $62 million Youth Mental Health Initiative from the Government because we wanted our political leaders to take action on our country’s devastating record on youth mental health that was long overdue. PM John Key agreed and in April 2012 he launched the package. The package includes 22 initiatives aimed at updating and improving youth mental health services. It has things like E-therapy and the social media innovation fund to increase accessibility and awareness for young people and those in remote areas, improvement and funding of primary care and Youth One Stop Shops and support for parents, families and friends. The package also provides for extra Youth workers in low-decile secondary schools, better access to child and adolescent mental health and alcohol and drug services including shortened wait times for these services. If you or someone you know is having a tough time, that’s ok, talk to a friend or family member or visit for a list of your nearest mental health services.