PRESS RELEASE: Young Nats form new political party


Young Nats form new political party

The New Zealand Young Nats have announced that they will formally separate from the New Zealand National Party and contest the 2014 general election as the Young National Party.

“The Young National Party stands for building a younger future. We want young Kiwis to have a bigger seat at the table when it comes to the direction of our country and now is the time to do it,” said Party Leader Sean Topham.

“We also have a sitting Member of Parliament who will be joining us. I cannot reveal who that is, because…”

“We are aiming for 51% of the Party Vote and if we fall short of that goal we are confident that National would cross the 5% threshold to become a support partner,” said Deputy Leader Shaun Wallis.

“Our campaign launch is scheduled for this Saturday, 5th April at the Rendezvous Grand Hotel in Auckland and it is closed to the media” says Campaign Manager Brittany Raleigh.


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