Meet the Candidate: Lewis Holden


Lewis Holden is National’s candidate in Rimutaka. He is one of National’s youngest candidates at 29 years of age, and is the former chair of the New Zealand Republican Movement. He went to Hutt International Boys’ School, and Victoria University. We asked him a bit more about himself: 

What is your biggest policy goal for your time in Parliament? 

I want to see small businesses, particularly those in the IT sector, grow substantially and earn NZ significant export dollars. My background has been in small business, which is very important to NZ’s economy – 97% of our businesses employ 20 or fewer staff, which makes up 30% of the workforce and 27% of GDP. It’s critical to our success as a country that small businesses prosper.

Who would you call your political inspiration or role-model? 

I’m inspired by many figures, but you can’t go past British Liberal PM William Gladstone. He was a pretty tough nut – pro-democracy and for lower taxes. His opponent was a character as well, Conservative leader and also PM Benjamin Disraeli. Both of them were pretty wily yet had a major impact on the UK at a time of unprecedented growth.

What is something we should know about you but don’t know already?

One of my hobbies is model-making. I’m really into making things with 3D printing these days, I’m pretty excited by what the technology can do.

If you were having John and Bronagh Key around for dinner, what would you cook for them?

I’m a pretty hopeless cook, as a student I could make a mean spag bol but I don’t think that would be to John and Bronagh’s taste! Most likely it would have to be a BBQ, because they’re hard to stuff up. And Jen, my wife, could hang out with Bronagh then…