Meet the Candidate: Mark Osborne


Mark Osborne is National’s candidate for the Northland by-election. He lives in Taipa, in the Far North with his wife Jodi. Mark and Jodi own a successful beauty spa, and Mark has worked for the Far North District Council, while being active in the community. But we had a few more questions for him:

Why do Northlanders need to vote for you?

Northlanders should vote for me because I am the only candidate who will be a strong voice for the region in a National Government that is delivering for Northland.

If anyone else wins it would dramatically slow down National’s programme for Northland, and the Government would be more reliant on United Future and the Maori Party for votes in Parliament.

I’m a proud local, living and working in the north. My wife Jodi and I run a successful small business in Northland and our two girls go to school locally. I’m involved in many aspects of local life, from volunteering for the Coastguard to helping organise the Mangonui waterfront festival. I have a stake in Northland and I care about its future.

What is something interesting we should know about you but don’t know already?

I am a competitive power lifter and have a couple of Northland records. I can bench press 200kgs.

Why are you a member of the National Party?

Because I believe in people getting ahead under their own steam. People want to make decisions for themselves, their businesses, and their families. They don’t want to be told what to do by government.

While other parties believe that simply throwing money at society’s problems is the way to fix them, I support National because they actually want to spend taxpayers hard-earned dollars in targeted ways that get results. Plus, being a member of National is a lot of fun – I’ve met so many interesting people and made some lifelong friends.

If you were inviting John and Bronagh Key to your place, what would you cook for them, and why?

Sous vide locally raised dry aged black angus scotch fillet finished over locally produced olive wood charcoal. Because it is the best.