Marriage Equality Third Reading

Young Nats President Sean Topham issued this press release on behalf of the organisation today. We are extremely optimistic that the bill will pass tonight, and look forward to celebrating with our LGBT members, and friends and family members.

PRESS RELEASE: Young Nats call on National MPs to vote for marriage equality

The Young Nats are calling on the National Party caucus to embrace our Party principles of freedom and choice and vote for marriage equality in the final vote on the Bill.

“We are calling on every National MP to stand on the right side of freedom and support marriage equality” says Young Nats President Sean Topham.

“Our generation overwhelmingly supports marriage equality and has been at the forefront of the campaign to see change. The Young Nats have been lobbying National MPs all over the country from day one and it comes down to the final vote tonight”

“Many of our MPs they have been contacted by thousands of people from all walks of life, but I urge them to consider our values, look to the future and listen to the voices of our generation when they vote”

Minimum Wage Increase

National has raised the minimum wage every year since 2009.

On April 1st, minimum wage increases announced by Simon Bridges, as Minister of Labour, came into effect. The minimum wage is now $13.75 per hour, increased from $13.50, and the training and new entrants’ minimum wages increased from $10.80 to $11, which is 80 per cent of the adult minimum wage.

National has provided for an increase in the minimum wage every year since it took office. The Young Nats believe that this government’s increases strike the right balance between protecting low-paid workers’ take-home pay against inflation, and ensuring that job growth isn’t stifled as the economic recovery gains steam.

We support this government’s ambitious plan to make New Zealand a friendlier country for entrepreneurship and investment, so that more jobs will be created here, for New Zealanders.

Becoming a Minister

Take a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to become a Cabinet Minister in the New Zealand Government with Hon Nikki Kaye and Hon Simon Bridges. Both Nikki and Simon were involved in the Young Nats in their early years in the National Party.